Axiomix, Inc. is a technical research firm that provides online services to mutual fund and ETF investors. We are dedicated to the development of Next Generation investment tools that are intelligent, simple to use and help investors make better-informed decisions.


A Simple Way to Protect Your Investments

FidelitySignal is an investment newsletter that makes it easier to manage your portfolio of Fidelity mutual funds. Never again miss the opportunity to invest early in a bull market and learn to take profits before a crash.

How can our newsletter help you to protect your investments? The Profit Guard TM technology developed by FidelitySignal detects high-risk market conditions and issues sell alerts.

Sector Rotation Made Easy

Is your portfolio underweight in key sectors? Use the ETFnext daily rankings to identify high momentum investments for diversification.

To make diversification simple, we use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) instead of individual stocks. ETFs are highly popular because they allow efficient investing in equity sectors.

How to Get an Edge

What are the critical success factors for producing outstanding investment results? We believe that getting the right information in a timely fashion is key. In addition, since the financial markets are complex and dynamic, filtering out the noise and simplifying investment processes are also important enablers of decision-making.


The Power to Know

Most investment newsletters and market research resources are updated weekly or monthly.

Because we believe that timely information is critical for making the right investment decisions, we update all of our products daily.


Simplify your Life

With more than 10,000 stocks and funds in existence, it can be extremely difficult to interpret the behavior of the financial markets in real time.

Our approach is to provide high-quality investment ratings for a carefully selected universe of investments, thus making the investment selection process both simpler and more efficient.






Axiomix, Inc. was established in 2004 with the goal of developing online products to address the needs of investment advisors and individual investors.

We provide technical research and investment tools to help our clients understand changing market conditions and newly emerging investment opportunities.

Axiomix, Inc. is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.


Our mission is to provide best-in-class technologies to help investors manage risks and increase returns.

Gabe Varga, CMT, Founder and President


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